Health Administration Salaries in Rhode Island

The average healthcare administration salary in Rhode Island, as reported by the Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training, was $111,592 according to their 2012 report. The average starting salary was $82,305 that year while the median salary was $99,944. The most experienced healthcare administrators in Rhode Island earned an average of $123,988 that year.

The Job Outlook for Healthcare Administrators in Rhode Island

In 2012, the 2022 Industry Outlook report published by the Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training reported that the largest employment gains over that 10-year period were expected to come directly from the healthcare and social assistance sector. The report further described the impending growth of Rhode Island’s healthcare sector according to specific healthcare settings. The greatest demand is expected to occur in nursing and residential care facilities (19%), followed by ambulatory health care facilities (16%) and then hospitals (9%). Job growth in the field of healthcare administration is always closely aligned with overall job growth in the healthcare sector.

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The Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training has also identified significant growth trends specific to the healthcare administration field. In fact, between 2012 and 2022, employment in this sector is expected to increase by 14%. In addition to that, there is expected to be a replacement rate of 24%, largely due to retirement.

Salaries for Rhode Island’s Healthcare Administration Professionals by Level of Experience and Location

According to the Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training’s 2012 report, geography and experience are among the top factors that influence earnings for healthcare administrators in the state:


  • Entry Level: $82,305
  • Median: $99,944
  • Average: $111,592
  • Experienced: $123,988

Providence-Fall River-Warwick

  • Entry Level: $76,772
  • Median: $96,283
  • Average: $106,288
  • Experienced: $121,243

Norwich-New London

  • Entry Level: $80,454
  • Median: $102,440
  • Average: $109,054
  • Experienced: $119,204

A comparative analysis of health administration salaries throughout Rhode Island as published by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2014 is shown below:

Area name
Annual mean wage
Providence-Fall River-Warwick RI-MA

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