Health Administration Salaries in Rhode Island

A rising senior population and a reputation as a national leader for its quality of, and access to, healthcare services makes Rhode Island a clear winner when it comes to opportunities for healthcare administrators.

Rhode Island’s healthcare administrators also come out on top with a median salary of $116,020 – much higher than the national median average of $104,280. Jobs in healthcare administration are projected to increase steadily here in the coming years, rising 8.9 between 2018 and 2028.

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A Closer Look at Job Growth for Rhode Island’s Healthcare Administrators

Rhode Island has long been known for its top-notch healthcare services and for its high number of seniors (16.4% of the population here is age 65 or older). These two factors were examined in the 2020 publication by the United Health Foundation, America’s Health Rankings and, once again, care in Rhode Island didn’t disappoint.

The report ranks Rhode Island 13th in the nation for the health of its senior population, which includes a first-place spot for its HPV vaccination rate among adolescents. Rhode Island also ranks second for its low number of medically uninsured, and third for its low amount of people who avoid clinical care due to cost.

It comes as no surprise that the Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training lists healthcare and social assistance among its expanding industries, with nursing and residential care facilities experiencing the largest increase in employment between 2012 and 2022 (23.3%), followed by social assistance (19.7%), ambulatory healthcare services (18.8%), and hospitals (9.9%). That department projects 160 healthcare management jobs to be added to the market annually over the decade leading up to 2028 because of market growth and natural turnover.

Salary Expectations for Healthcare Administrators, by Location

There are 1,990 healthcare administrators working in the largest metro region in the state—the Providence-Warwick metropolitan area. While the median salary for these professionals comes in lower than the state average, those in the top 25th percentile earn a salary similar to the state’s overall in this tier—$146,110 in Providence-Warwick vs. $149,320 generally throughout the state.

Providence-Warwick, RI-MA

  • 25th percentile: $90,330
  • Median: $113,680
  • 90th percentile: $203,600
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A full breakdown of salaries for health services managers in the Providence area can be seen here:

Area Name
Annual mean wage

2020 US Bureau of Labor Statistics salary figures for Medical and Health Services Managers.

 Job growth projections sourced from the Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training and published in the U.S. Department of Labor-funded Long Term Occupational Projections (2018-2028) database –

Salary figures and job market projections represent state data, not school-specific information.

Conditions in your area may vary. Data accessed August 2021.

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