About HealthcareAdministrationEDU.org

The nation’s growing elderly population, Medicare/Medicaid expansion and the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) are chief among the factors contributing to the biggest expansion the US healthcare sector has ever experienced. The convergence of these factors has seen millions of older Americans seeking more screenings, preventative health services and medical interventions common among the ageing, while millions more enjoy expanded health coverage or gain access to coverage for the first time in their lives. As billions of federal dollars and funding from state sources is used to expand Medicare/Medicaid and implement the ACA at the state level, public and private health systems have likewise been expanding facilities and increasing staff to accommodate a growing number of patients.

Amidst this unprecedented growth and expansion, the demand for skilled health administrators capable of effectively marshalling fiscal and human resources has never been more acute. HealthcareAdministrationEDU.org was created with the express purpose of providing aspiring and advancing health administrators with the tools necessary for success.

HealthcareAdministrationEDU.org includes one-of-a-kind state guides that present vital information on education and career options, all in the context of the state’s unique healthcare and medical services environment. From undergraduate degree options available to those entering the field, to master’s degree options for graduate students with backgrounds in health disciplines like nursing, students and professionals at all stages will find these guides indispensible.

HealthcareAdministrationEDU.org seeks to make the critical connection between education and professional life with information on health services administration and management careers with the top health sector employers in each state. State salary guides round out the information to provide advancing administrators and career changers with a clear picture of what a career in health administration can mean in terms of compensation.

As practicing health administrators and health administration graduate students ourselves, the staff here at HealthcareAdministrationEDU.org hopes this resource will benefit future and advancing health services administration professionals, from managers of individual facilities to directors and executive leaders of large hospitals and integrated health systems.