Health Administration Salaries in New Mexico

New Mexico healthcare administrators made a median annual wage of $108,870 in 2020 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), putting them more than $4,000 higher than the national median. It’s average of $128,250 is more than $10,000 beyond the national average, placing New Mexico 11th among all states in this category.

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Those wages are being fueled by a surge in healthcare spending in the state. The Executive Budget Recommendation for 2022 requests $475 million for pandemic funding, $893 million for behavioral health services, $11 million for rural and primary care health programs, and $14 million for medical provider agreements. This is on top of a $6.5 billion Medicaid demand.

With an insured population that, according to the United Health Foundation, has gone from 77 percent to over 90 percent in the past decade, there is an increasing demand for services and better options to pay for them, making the future bright for healthcare and healthcare administrators throughout the state.

Job Outlook and Employment Settings for Healthcare Administrators in New Mexico

Overall job growth in New Mexico has been all but stagnant since the Great Recession. According to the Santa Fe New Mexican in 2018, there are only two industries in the state that have recovered to their pre-recession levels: hospitality, and health care. As of 2019 the BLS counts 129 hospital establishments in the state employing a total of 38,875 people.

Health care employment continues to surge, with the state Department of Workforce Solutions predicting that personal care aides will be the fastest growing occupation in the state through 2026. In fact, healthcare related professionals are in three of the top five slots for demand. For healthcare administrators, the department sees a 15.1 percent growth rate, leading to 180 openings per year. Those will come from a combination of new positions and turnover in existing jobs.

Healthcare Administration Salaries in New Mexico by Region

The overall median wage for the state is above the national median of $104,280. Albuquerque, Farmington, and rural Northern New Mexico all follow that trend. In Santa Fe the top ten percent in the profession make more than their counterparts on the national scale, and are tantalizingly close to breaking the $200k mark at $199,980 per year.


  • 25th percentile: $90,410
  • Median: $118,960
  • 90th percentile: –

Santa Fe

  • 25th percentile: $83,810
  • Median: $103,570
  • 90th percentile: $199,980

Las Cruces

  • 25th percentile: $86,900
  • Median: $98,510
  • 90th percentile: $136,230


  • 25th percentile: $94,840
  • Median: $106,570
  • 90th percentile: $160,020
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New Mexico also has a substantial number of healthcare administrators employed in rural areas of the state, and often a comparable wages to the urban centers:

Area Name
Annual mean wage
Eastern New Mexico nonmetropolitan area
Las Cruces
Northern New Mexico nonmetropolitan area
Santa Fe

2020 US Bureau of Labor Statistics salary figures for Medical and Health Services Managers.

Job growth projections sourced from the New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions and published in the U.S. Department of Labor-funded Long Term Occupational Projections (2018-2028) database –

Salary figures and job market projections represent state data, not school-specific information.

Conditions in your area may vary. Data accessed August 2021.

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